Why Hotmail Is Not working On my computer?

Does your hotmail account creating a hard time for you? Are you not able to sign in with your hotmail account. do not worry, this is the most common problem, people are having these days, actually this problem is comming only beacause of update and sometimes these because of these following problems:

  1. Server is Down?
  2. Network Connection error.
  3. Incorrect information.

So coming to the first point, if one of the microsoft hotmail user who have problem with their hotmail account. then you should follow these steps to fix the problems related to hotmail.

So first check the server connection if hotmail is up or down . you may check the connection from Is Hotmail Down .

when you are you sure about hotmail server. if it is up but you are still having the problem related to hotmail. then the problem might be related to computers or network. so you should directly go ahead troublehsoot  the network. for more information you may visit: Why Hotmail is not working on my computer here you will find all troubleshooting steps to fix your hotmail problem.


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